The Butcher in the Wood is committed to providing the highest quality fresh and cooked meat products, with the added confidence of traceability and good health and hygiene practices. We believe that this is what keeps our local customers coming back to us time after time.

Our meat is sourced from both English and Scottish farms, where welfare is the utmost priority. We consider it imperative that our chosen farms traditionally breed, rear and care for their animals to meet our highest standards and can demonstrate their commitment to quality, consistency, and animal welfare, so you can rest assure that you are receiving first-class products every time.

Beef from The Butcher in the Wood is a truly premium product. To achieve this we take great care to select the best suppliers and producers. We look for beef that has come from slow growing animals that have enjoyed a natural lifestyle and wholesome diet. Our main supplier is John Scott Meat of Paisley, who is closely aligned with Quality Meat Scotland and produce and source cattle with the final taste being of the prime importance. Once received, it is matured onsite, on the bone, for between 21 and 28 days (or longer) for extra flavour, which produces succulent, full flavoured joints and steaks for our customers. Our lambs, also supplied from John Scott Meat, are born and reared in the Highlands and are grass fed and naturally reared, to provide meat which is tender and full of flavour. It is also hung on the bone on site, for a minimum of 5 days, before being butchered into required cuts. Scotch Lamb is a firm favourite of ours and we have loads of great recipes and suggestions to share!

Our quality English produce is sourced from both Packington Farm in Gloucestershire and TW Ludgate in Oxfordshire. We believe animals reared for food deserve a happy, healthy life and Packington Farm’s pork and poultry are truly ‘free-range’. Born and living outdoors for their whole lives with plenty of space to roam, they’re reared to the highest welfare standards and are recognised within the industry and RSPCA Freedom Foods as the best that you can get. As well as quality beef and lamb, TW Ludgate provide us with our barn reared chickens, which ensures they have constant access to the outdoors throughout their lifetime.


Our Produce

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